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Here at C-Mase Ltd we have been providing services and resources to the telecommunications industry for a combined time of over 50 years. Our wealth of experience over the years has meant we are able to bring together our knowledge and understanding of the industry in order to offer top quality telecommunications installation, telecom project management, telecom engineering, network maintenance plus much more.

Our team of exceptionally skilled and professional personnel deliver the highest quality service across all aspects of the industry, fulfilling the needs of anything telecoms related. Our clients are at the heart of the company, and we pride ourselves on providing them with a safe, trustworthy and innovative service which connects their home or business to others in the UK and beyond.

For many years we have provided an exceptional service which connects people across the world, enhancing the work and knowledge they are able to access in order to better their business and the way it runs.

C-Mase Ltd’s team of professional and highly skilled individuals want to exceed every expectation, meaning they are always setting out to achieve exactly what the client wants, and more! We ourselves are continuously growing and improving as a business within the telecommunications industry, in order to provide the best and most innovative service out there to ensure success for our clients.

Please do not hesitate to get in contact if you are requiring any work regarding telecommunication. You can also explore our site for more information on the services we provide in installation, planning, surveying and audits, maintenance and project management.


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