Here at C-Mase Ltd we understand the importance of maintenance within the telecommunication industry, that is why we are proud to offer high quality maintenance carried out by our team of highly skilled individuals. We are able to replace faulty cabling or networking equipment, ultimately preventing future issues from arising. We test networks up to 100G and carry out fix times which meet SLA.

Fibre optic cabling helps to connect people and businesses around the UK and beyond, helping with the smooth running of companies and day to day life. We understand the importance of the networks we deal with, and know why they are so important to maintain.

We ensure the maintenance we carry out is completed efficiently and professionally, to provide the resolution of any problems and the risk of future issues to be kept as low as possible. It is important to keep record of problems which have arose in our field meaning we are then able to review and analyse why they may have happened. This helps us to understand the telecommunication industry even more and help with the overall success of our company in the future. This is why our service engineers ensure to record any faults they have been involved with, identifying the nature of the fault, times of every activity on site and details of any spares used.