We offer highly detailed planning of all aspects of fibre optic & data networks and all further elements involved in the process of designing and installing them. All planning, we offer here at C-Mase Ltd involves many different stages in order to ensure everything is completed properly and professionally to achieve a high standard telecommunications installation. We have telecom project managers and telecom engineers among our team which ensure the delivery of every process once the planning has been successfully completed.

All planning is carried out specifically in accordance with each client’s individual requirements. Before any works are carried out, we would identify the precise objectives the client needs to meet. For example, external fibres may need to meet certain latency figures or be diverse from existing routes to ensure resiliency. Furthermore, research may need to be carried out to ensure locations can be reached, and the navigation within those will be suitable.

Everyone at C-Mase Ltd understand that in a fast paced and ever-improving industry it is important to be at the forefront of all aspects of the services our clients offer. Therefore, we work tirelessly to meet all deadlines and expectations laid out along each part of the planning process.